Thursday, 8 January 2015

Harry Potter Jewellery Box

I made this Harry Potter inspired jewellery box for my *soontobe Sister-in-law .  She loves Harry Potter and I'd thought about doing something like this for sometime.
She was happy to receive a 'made gift' for Christmas and I was excited to be creating something different.  

Here you can see on the lid I painted the silhouettes of each character.  
Can you see the freckles on Ron and Harry's scar? 

To make it I brought a wooden treasure box from my local art shop. I photocopied random pages from the Harry Potter books, ensuring I captured familiar words for example peoples names, place names or the words like 'death eater' or 'invisibility cloak'.
Using a mix of water and PVA glue I ripped and pasted the paper all over the box, using a stiff brush. (It doesn't look like it in the photo, but...) I took the advice from the owner of the art shop and I did this while the clasp of the box was closed.  It meant that when it was finished the words will line up perfectly.  
Once dried I use a scalpel to cut the box open again. Remember always cut away from you. :-) 
I freehand painted the figures on the lid, practising on a piece of tracing paper.  
On the tracing paper draw around the box, cut this shape out and fold it in half.  This will help you find the middle when your drawing on the lid. 

Let me know what you think -- Dolly --

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Berliner Dom

I recently went on a trip to Berlin.  After doing the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church I did the Berliner Dom Cathedral 
During my visit to the Berlin, I was amazed by its range of architectural styles.  I was particularly struck with how they infused the old Reich era Germany with a modern vibrant city.  Berliner Dom, I found particularly symbolic as it sits like an island against a backdrop of Soviet bloc architecture.  I felt the best way to express this in pictorial form was to paint the Cathedral without background to express its identity as an island of 19th century Germany in the modern city,
Dolly X 

My work in progress.
Listening to music I sketch it out in pencil first then go over it in ink pen.  
Of course I use a photo as reference.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Kaiser Wilhelm Church

I recently went on a trip to Berlin, here is my painting of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.
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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Beatles

For my husband on our 3rd year wedding anniversary I made him a cross stitch of different Beatles references. I mounted it on card, padding it a little.
It took me about 2-3 months, but I was doing it during my lunch breaks, so he wouldn't see me making it.  He was really pleased with it and at the moment sits on our mantelpiece.
Dolly X

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Mr Benn

I enjoyed creating The Wombles canvas so much I decided I would do it again.  This time I did Mr Benn.  I grew up watching Mr Benn throughout the 80s+90s, but it was first on TV in 1971.
Much like how I did The Wombles canvas I drew all the costumes and characters in ink and watercolour, on hot pressed watercolour paper.
Painting the background in acrylic and drawing the lines of the door and floor boards in a fine liner pen and watercolour.  I didn't use a ruler on the door, as I didn't want it looking too perfect.
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Mr Benn 1970s drawing painting

Mr Benn 1970s drawing painting
Mr Benn 1970s drawing painting

The Wombles

I am currently working on a exhibition on the 1970s  and decided to do canvas inspired by
The Wombles.
The wombles painting drawing
I will show you how I did it.
   First I drew my initial sketches on paper.  I used as a reference.
The wombles painting drawing

The wombles painting drawing
Using a light-box I redrew the characters onto watercolour paper.  I use extra smooth hot pressed paper, as I much prefer using the paper without the rough texture.

By combining white acrylic paint and modelling paste I start to fill in The Wombles fur.

The wombles painting drawing

The wombles painting drawing
Here you can see the textured effect the modelling paste creates.
I then start adding watercolour on face, hands etc
The wombles painting drawing
I've taken a close up of  Great Uncle Bulgaria's shoes and Madame Cholet's pinafore, so I can show you how I did them. 
On the slippers do a base wash of yellow and once that is dry do lines of different shades of brown all in water colour.
On the pinafore do a wash in pink watercolour and then in acrylic do a collection of three pink dots and a green line at each.  
The wombles painting drawing
The wombles painting drawingThe wombles painting drawing

So I then started on the background of my canvas.  Using green card I cut a hill shape, which would cover half of my canvas.   After visiting the Warhammer shop I used their glade grass to cover the green card. In hindsight I should of just got grass effect card or felt, 
I painted a 12"x12" cavas, using blue aryclic and then glued it all together. 
The wombles painting drawing

From this angle you can see I used half a water bottle, painted silver as a bin.  I had to glue gun this in place, which seems to work.  I decided to put The Wombles motto 'Make good use of bad rubbish' as a sign on the outside of the bin.  Also on Great Uncle Bulgaria's hat and scarf I used tartan pattern paper instead of painting it. 
What you think? 
The wombles painting drawing

Monday, 28 April 2014


This is a ink and watercolour I done based on a friends photograph of a Robin.
I've always loved Robins ever since reading The Secret Garden as a child. 


I then wanted to try the composition in a different media.  Here I cut cardboard into the different shapes painted over them in acrylic paint and then glued them together.  I sometimes prefer being a bit messier and making pictures like this one.  It's much like my Green Man picture, have a look. 
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